Hygienic Wall Cladding



    • Satisfies food hygiene regulations
    • Can be worked easily with simple D.I.Y. tools especially when cutting around light switches etc.
    • Lightweight & easy to handle
    • Class 1 fire rating
    • Can be painted (mainly in domestic situations)





Sheet Dimensions:

Finish Options:

Foamed PVC sheet

Brett Martin



8ft x 4ft (2440 x 1220mm)

This is a Premium sheet with an attractive hard gloss surface.
Recommended for quality commercial and all domestic installations. This sheet not only performs well but looks good from a visitor point of view and brings a quality feel to the working environment. Supported with a range of fitting strips

Possible applications

Commercial kitchen and food preparation room wall cladding.
Campsite showers, toilets and disposal points. Premium Hard Gloss surface is good for domestic installation around kitchen worktops, behind toilets, showers etc.

Working tips

Cut with a Stanley knife, jigsaw with plastic cutting blade or fine toothed handsaw. Cutting with a knife is easiest making long strokes completely through the material remembering to protect the surface underneath. Easy to cut around light switches etc. Cut from the front surface.


Hygienic wall cladding sheets may be glued to the wall with “solvent free” building adhesive. Pinkgrip “But it’s white” is recommended – best of the reasonably priced adhesives. There are better adhesives but they are much more expensive. The following fitting strips may also be used to make a much neater and acceptable job. Alternatively you could screw the sheet to the wall using white screw caps and washers. Fitting strips are all 2500mm in length. These again can be fixed with building adhesive and/or pinned to the wall through the wide flange. 3mm thickness does not span battens very easily due to the flexibility of the sheet. Difficult and uneven walls may benefit from the addition of pvc drive rivets.

Butt Joint

Edge Capping

Internal Corner (normal room corners)

External Corner (for corners formed where walls jut out towards the centre of the room)

Storage and transport

All plastic sheets should either be stored flat or supported by a board leaning at an angle of 80 degrees to the ground. If sheets are leaned against a wall at too steep an angle the downward pressure may cause distortion.
The make-up of the material means that it can be susceptible to denting depending on the quality selected.
3mm 8’ x 4’ sheets can be rolled up temporarily and fitted into the back of the average car. Release to flat as soon as possible.


Please contact us to request a small sample of any stocked material.

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