Solid Polycarbonate


Clear - 3mm, 4mm


  • Virtually unbreakable
  • Good for safety & security applications
  • Clear UV grade (double sided) – protection from the sun decreasing over 5 years
  • Can be worked with power tools without fear of breaking
  • Extremely safe when used in public areas and where children and the elderly are of concern
  • 3mm & 4mm thicknesses are flexible enough to be secured around a radius without pre-forming
  • Good clarity
  • Class 1 fire rating. Ok for roofing in thicker grades

Possible applications

Speedboat windscreens, safety rails around play areas and swimming pool slides, windbreak around public outdoor eating areas, motorcycle windscreens. Anything where you need an unbreakable sheet!

Holiday attraction admission kiosks, beach cafe windows, anti-vandal.

Please note:

Polycarbonate is extremely strong but is slightly more flexible than acrylic sheet and you may need to upgrade to a thicker material to obtain a similar rigidity. It also has a soft surface which marks very easily even during cleaning. Clean only with a soft cotton cloth. “J Cloths” are abrasive. For this reason, apart from wrap-around speedboat windscreens where polycarbonate comes into its own, it is not recommended for use in boat windows unless the salt is thoroughly removed before wiping the windows down.

Other services

We have equipment to make angular bends up to a maximum width of 39” (1 metre).
Please note that we are not able to make radiused (curved) bends.
We are also happy to quote for shaping (radiused corners), hole cutting, drilling and countersinking.

Working tips

Nothing special because it is so tough! You could bend a 6ft length in half and stand on it without it breaking! Cut with a jigsaw with plastic cutting blade, bandsaw or even fine toothed handsaw.


All plastic sheets should either be stored flat or supported by a board leaning at an angle of 80 degrees to the ground. If sheets are leaned against a wall at too steep an angle the downward pressure may cause distortion.


Please contact us to request a small sample of any stocked material.

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