Secondary Glazing – energy saver!

Isle of Wight Plastics – Secondary Glazing

Could it work for you?

Like the majority of us I’m sure you’re worried about the rising energy costs this Winter. Many of us are trying to delay switching on the heating to try and avoid the increased rates. If you are looking to find other ways of keeping warm an effective, cost-friendly solution to consider is Secondary Glazing. Since taking ownership of Isle of Wight Plastics back in April, we’ve had several enquiries regarding this.

Secondary Glazing is perfect for single glazed windows, listed buildings, rented properties or any situation where the original window is best left unaltered.

Although it may not be for everyone, we think it could be an efficient, non-permanent solution for keeping warm through this cold Winter without breaking the bank on central heating.

How does it work?

Ordering and fitting the Perspex is quick and easy, all that’s needed is the measurements of your window frame with a 1/2″ allowance on each side for the magnetic stripping. From these measurements we are able to decide which thickness of plastic would be most suitable to maintain structure. We can then price up the cost of Clear Acrylic, and how much magnetic strip is required.

The Benefits of Acrylic Secondary Glazing

In comparison to glass, acrylic is much safer to handle, especially in situations where children and elderly are concerned. Acrylic is also four times more thermally efficient than glass. It has a higher light transmission and a lower sound transmission, meaning better quality natural light can pass through it and excess sound is reduced.

If you’d like further information on what you can do to save money on energy this year, please click the image below to take you to The Footprint Trust website for guidance on sustainable living, energy, water efficiency and much more.