Terms and Conditions

*Mast notes – Mast prepared & ready for lifting with all running rigging, boom & electrics disconnected plus rigging screws un-seized & free to loosen.

Yard will disconnect standing rigging at the chainplate clevis pins (if practical)

On stepping mast yard will connect standing rigging & remove slack ready for final tensioning by owner. (or our staff if required)

Seized rigging screws will incur additional labour costs.

Mast must be left in a safe state prior to unstepping.

Masts will be stored on tressels within a designated area for safety.

**Hardstanding – Important notes

  1. Only Richardsons Yacht Services yard staff are permitted to move boat supports for whatever reason. Areas left by supports will be antifouled immediately prior to launch, providing antifoul and brush are left under vessel. No charge will be made for this service. Should you require props moved beforehand, please contact Richardsons’ office.
  2. We require that all sails are removed from vessels laid up ashore during the winter period.
  3. Boat covers (if fitted) must be in good condition, close fitted and well secured with ropes passed under vessel. Never secured to props or cradles.
  4. No outside contractors permitted on site without prior permission and sufficient liability insurance. Any permitted contractors to report to Richardsons or Island Harbour offices on arrival and departure.
  5. Owners of vessels must provide own forms of suitable access onto their vessels once ashore.
  6. All vessels shall be obliged to maintain adequate insurance including third party liability cover for not less than £2,000,000.
  7. No welding, shot blasting or spray painting may take place, unless arranged and approved beforehand.
  8. All rubbish must be disposed of in the skips provided.
  9. Keys to enable access to vessel must be provided prior to launch. Vessels being launched will be inspected for significant leaks at the time of launching – no further inspection will take place unless specifically asked for.
  10. Electricity is available on 64 x 16 amp metered supply points – please enquire at Island Harbour’s office. The socket outlets have the facility to attach a padlock to prevent unauthorised use, but will require the correct plug fitted to the customers lead. (These are available to purchase at Richardsons’ Chandlery).
  11. Your attention is drawn to our Terms of Business which is available upon request.

All hardstanding administration and charges are dealt with for and on behalf of


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