Preparing your Boat for Winter

Important points to remember for your Winter Ashore this year: 

It’s that time of the year where we start to say goodbye to the warm weather, which means it’s time to start your annual Winter boat maintenance!

Richardsons have put together a list of important tasks to remember while your boat is ashore:
– Winterise your engine(s) – if you’re having your vessel ashore for any extended period of time over the Winter it is recommended that antifreeze is run through the engines to ensure that they don’t freeze up, which can cause considerable damage. Antifreeze can be purchased from the Chandlery – or alternatively you can ask us to lay up the engine when it is hauled out.

– Make sure your boat is secure – if you are storing your boat ashore, make sure that any covers, halyards and lines are safely secured and stowed. If it is on a berth, ensure you have secure fenders and lines to minimise the impact of the Winter weather.

– Clean your boat – it’s important for your boat to be cleaned when ashore – remember to remove any food from the fridge – if you have one. A dehumidifier or heater can also be useful to remove the moisture from the air and prevent damp from developing on your boat.

– Remove and store what you can – windscreen, sprayhoods, sails, rigging and soft furnishings should all be cleaned appropriately and stored indoors over Winter. This process will also help you pinpoint any repairs which need to be carried out before the new season starts!