Winterising Your Boat

20151028-img_8586Get Your Boat Ready For The Cold Winter Months!

Have you been wondering how to keep your boat in tip-top condition through the unforgiving colder season? We have some tips to help you do just that!

Do you have access to mains electric?

If so, the ideal situation would be to run a small heater on a thermostat to keep the interior temperature above 5 degrees celsius. This will ensure any water systems do not freeze and help keep condensation & damp at bay.

To guarantee a dry inside you might consider adding a dehumidifier. These can vary from a small tabletop (or sink top) unit to a larger floor-standing unit. They all offer a degree of moisture removal, but bear in mind, the less expensive units will not work below a certain temperature! You will also need to consider how it will drain. Although dehumidifiers have a collection tank they can fill quite rapidly and you would need to check/empty them at least once a week. Many units also offer a remote drain facility which allows you to connect a pipe to drain into a sink or basin, but remember, the unit must be sited above the drain. If your vessel is ashore, removing the speed/log fitting offers a low down alternative (don’t forget to re-fit before launch!).

No electric?

Ventilation is important! Ensure that all vents are open to allow free movement of air (you may also consider adding some extra vents). Ideally remove as much gear off the boat as is practical, particularly cushions, bedding and clothes. Leave locker lids & doors open where possible and try to keep bilges dry. Water systems should be drained – especially if the vessel is being stored ashore.


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